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The 5 Essential Skills for the Future
- Leadership and Management
- Fiscal Management
- Organization and Culture Skills
- Tech Skills
- Business Skills


The New CIO Leader Ten Priorities
01. Lead, don’t just manage.
02. Understand the fundamentals of your environment.
03. Create a vision.
04. Shape and inform expectations.
05. Create clear and appropriate IT governance.
06. Weave business and IT strategy together.
07. Build a new IS organization.
08. Build and nurture a high-performing team.
09. Manage the new enterprise and IT risks.
10. Communicate IS performance in business-relevant language.

The 3 Overarching Characteristics of ICT Leader
- Vision
- Influence
- Execution

The 9 Essential Skills for ICT Leaders/CTOs

1) Leadership and Vision| Works closely with executive team and stakeholders to develop a shared vision and big-picture perspective on a district’s goals to plan for meaningful and effective uses of technology.

2) Planning and Budgeting| Works with the instructional and…